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About us

About Our Company

Mansoor Mazhar Consultants

M.M Consultants is an Architecture & Interior design firm with a mission to provide innovative and quality design services in a professional and organized manner. For us Architecture means teamwork, discussion and a collaboration of ideas based on the client’s requirements and what we perceive as designers.
We offer design consultancy services for Architecture, Engineering, Interior, Planning, Supervision and Turnkey Solutions. We have experience of designing exterior and interior on various architectural themes. Our team is a combination of young and enthusiastic designers together with experienced professionals.
Our team at MMC is ready to go that extra mile to achieve excellence and create a unique and aesthetically pleasing project every time, this is what makes M.M Consultants stand out from the rest.


Ar. Mansoor Mazhar
Principal Architect

Ar. Mansoor Mazhar did his bachelor’s in Architecture & Design from COMSATS Islamabad in 2016. First two years of his career he worked at different design firms under some of the best and senior designers of the twin cities. In 2018 he started his own practice by the name of M.M Consultants and has been leading the firm since then.

In these seven years of his professional career Mansoor has been an all-rounder. He has been involved in Architecture, Engineering, Interior, Furniture, Landscape and Master plan designing. He has been actively involved in all phases of construction, from labor management to material selection and procurement. His involvement in each of these related disciples has gained him immense knowledge and expertise. He has a very diverse and strong portfolio but he believes the best work is yet to come.

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Experience of Principle Architect

7 years

MMC was established in 2018

4 Years

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